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How To Use Dog Clippers Effectively

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March 8, 2014


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How To Use Dog Clippers Effectively

How To Use Dog Clippers Effectively

Dog clippers come in handy when you decide to trim the far of your pet at home. Trimming the far of your dog is a good idea as it makes it comfortable as it is already used to you and also it is cost effective. This is not a difficult affair as you can start by purchasing a kit for clippers as they are available in the online market or in the pet store in your neighborhood. Normally a set comes with varying sizes of blades that help to trim the far of your pet to the desired size. However, in order to make proper use of it, you need to ensure that you have the collar, sturdy surface, pair of scissors and the leash. You also need to be patient on your pet as it might become quite uncooperative during the grooming process. Here is the way to go;

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Secure the dog

The first step in effective use of dog clippers is to secure the dog on the sturdy surface. Ensure that you make use of the non skid mat on the surface to prevent your pet from sliding on the table as this may make it irritable. However, assess the mood of your pet before starting the procedure to predict whether it is likely to just be uncooperative or unruly. If the pet is irritable at that particular time delay the process as this is likely to make the task more challenging for you.

Make the trim

When using the dog clippers select the right blade for the size of the trim you want on your pet. In this case if you are to make short cuts, you just need to go straight to the cutting process. On the other hand you have to select the right guard for the blade you want to use on your dog. Ensure that you have the groomers’ cooler as the blade can really become hot in the process making your pet uncomfortable hence ruining the procedure. Then start right from the neckline moving towards the tail. Ensure that you are gentle and moving slowly not to cause irritation on your pet.

Use the clippers on the far mats

Dog clippers are effective when dealing with far mats on the skin of the pet. If you come across one, it would be very painful to your pet if you move the blade against it with force or pulling it. This may make your dog rebel against the procedure. Thus, use the clippers to loosen the far making sure that you are gentle enough. When the far is fully dislodged, now go ahead and trim it. Take note of the skin under if a wound is present or bruises and treat them accordingly.

Attend to the paws

Dog clippers are effective in giving your dog a good treatment on the paws. It is important to note that this can be a tricky affair as attending to the paws of the pet may cause a tickling effect just as it would to a human being. Hence ensure that you attend to the paws only when your dog is likely to cooperate as the position it assumes will need a lot of balance.

Face area

This should be the final stage. Tilt the head of the dog to trim the head and lastly the face area. Be cautious when working on the face as it is a sensitive area due to eyes and the nose. At every step make sure that the cut far is off the face to avoid it being breathed in or getting in the eyes of the dog.

After successively using the dog clippers give a good treat to your dog.

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