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Tips On Making Good Dog Bandanas

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March 8, 2014


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Tips On  Making Good Dog Bandanas

Tips On  Making Good Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are important in dressing up the pets. They are part of grooming the pets making them and making them to appear exactly as you wish. Making the bandanas at home is a good idea as you can design them the way you want. In this case you can decide to come up with different types that are ideal for the seasons and purpose. You can make for the summer and winter as well as for occasions like sports and leisure. This all depends with the colors you want for your pet and fabric. However, you might shy off from making some for your pet due to lack of technological know how. This should no longer be a worry for you as the steps are simple to follow. Here are simple tips on how to make bandanas for your pet.

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Identify the purpose

The first step in making dog bandanas is to identify the need for it. In this case you need to know if you need it for keeping your dog warm during winter, for leisure or for sporting activities. This is an important step as it guides you in choosing the right material for it. For example, if you need a bandana for winter it is important to choose a warm material such as wool or heavy cotton. For the sporting and leisure during summer season you need to get a light cotton material that will make your dog relax in the hot weather.

Shop for the material

Once you have identified the need for the bandana, the next step is to shop for the right material. Here you need to check on the colors too. You need to have the personality of your dog at the back of your mind in order to decide the colors. Make sure that the fabric you choose will make your dog appear elegant upon wearing it. You can also decide to buy different colors so that you can always have a new color for the dog each day or in each occasion. Also remember to buy the material that suits the purpose.

Cut the material

This is the beginning of making the dog bandanas. Ensure that you have a standard tape measure, colored chalk different from the color of the material and a sharp pair of scissors. Note that if the colored chalk is not available you can make use of any type of marker. Considering the size of your dog, take the right measurements on the material. For most dogs 22inch by 22inch squares are usually enough. However, there are those small sized dogs that fit well in a 11inch by 11inch while the bigger dogs do with 28inch by 28inch. These measurements should guide you in cutting the right square size for your dog.

Hem the bandana

In order to hem the dog bandanas, it is important to fold them diagonally to make it easy for you to tie it around the neck of your pet. Then make a fine hem measuring approximately 3inch in all three sides. This is to make the parts of the bandana intact all the time. you can as well decorate the bandanas with ribbons all around and you can write the name of the dog on them to make them unique.

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