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Low Sodium Dog Food – Is It Necessary?

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January 28, 2014


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Low Sodium Dog Food – Is It Necessary?

low sodium dog food

 Low Sodium Dog Food – Is It Necessary?

Low Sodium means a smaller quantity of salt. Salt is actually Sodium Chloride, when you hear about Low Sodium Dog Food, it is actually referring to the quantity of salt contained in the aliments that your dog eat.

Sodium in the alimentation of your dog

Salt is recommended and necessary in the daily alimentation of the dog. The affirmation that the dog food must not contain salt is wrong. Salt is an important constituent of the organism, so it is indispensible for a healthy dog. Moreover, a mother needs an increased quantity of salt for its babes. On the other hand, excess of salt can harm the general state of health. Let’s see if there is such thing as Low Sodium Dog Food, which can actually help your dog.

Salt in a raw state can be eliminated from the alimentation if your pet eats a large quantity of meat, but this procedure must not become a rule, as excess meat can generate nutrition diseases and liver affections. It is possible to offer meat right meals to the dog, but not every day. Well, the dog might refuse the food that contains less meat, so it is important to have equilibrium between the quantities of ingredients used to prepare the meal of a dog.

Constant lack of salt from the daily alimentation of the dog because of a weak appetite might bring other problems: weight lost is great for us, but when it comes to our beloved dog, a diet is not always recommended. If the dog refuses to eat, his fur will become less shiny, and it might even fall.

The Low Sodium Dog Food that you find at your local pet store is enough to offer the required quantity of salt without over reacting. This way, the dog food will have the same good taste for the pet, but the sodium quantity contained would be smaller. This diet is recommended especially for dogs with digestive problems. For large sized dogs that consume a lot of energy, reducing the quantity of food is not such a great idea.

How much food is required daily?

If we feed the dog too much, he will gain weight, and he will develop severe health problems. If we feed them less, they will become “scavengers”, eating practically anything that comes in their way. Some dogs have no limits when it comes to eating, while others would only eat what they really like. It is hard to offer the right quantity of food to a dog as long as he can’t tell us what he needs. A dog will never refuse something tasty.

The choice of filling the bowl of the dog all the time, even with Low Sodium Dog Food, is wrong. The dogs that have food at their discretion are predisposed to obesity. With such a method, it is practically impossible to monitor exactly how much the animal eats every day. The advantage of buying pet store food is that it comes to complete instructions, which would allow you to establish the exact quantity of food required by your pet.

Home cooked food?

Yes, but not all the time. The homemade food is tasty and it has the necessary substances needed by the dog to grow, but at a later stage, you will need to administrate the dog some supplements. Maintaining the ideal weight for a dog is essential if you want to avoid important health problems. A dog that weights too much will add supplementary tension on the joints and bones, increasing the possibility of bone fractures. A large quantity of salt in the daily alimentation might be the reason for those problems, so the Low Sodium Dog Food is recommended.



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