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Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs

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January 16, 2014


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Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs

Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs

Is cat food bad for dogs? This is a legitimate question for every person who love keeping both cats and dogs. Though these pets have been labeled to be enemies with each other the fact is that they do existing within the same compound. Whether keeping both or dogs only, there is a temptation of thinking that it is possible to feed the dogs with cat feeds. This is because they both feed on meat. However, this is a wrong assumption as the two pets need totally different nutrients. It is important to understand that a cat is a carnivorous while a dog is an omnivorous. This alone states the differences between the two. Here are reasons as to why you should never feed your dog on cat’s feeds.

Can lead to obesity and stomach upset

Is cat food bad for dogs, can be effectively handled by checking on the causes of obesity in dogs. The feeds for the cats have very high protein content compared to that of dogs. It is important to note that dogs need to feed on ingredients derived from plants and carbohydrates in order to have effective digestion. However, the feeds for the cats contain low carbohydrates and plants ingredients to help in digesting the high protein levels. This might cause obesity in your dog which is not healthy at all. This might also lead to frequent issues of stomach upsets in the canine which can be fatal sometimes.

Requires different set of nutrients

The question is cat food bad for dogs can also be answered in terms of nutritional requirements. In this case, it is good to appreciate that these pets are different from each other and so is their feeds. Cats are carnivorous and naturally feed on plenty of meat to remain healthy. In this case their food is manufactured with high protein levels and with very low components of other nutrients. Contrary, a dog is an omnivorous hence requires a balance proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats. Therefore, if you feed the dogs with feeds manufactured for the cats you deny it the necessary nutrients for its well being.  This leads to digestive system problems and metabolic diseases. In addition, if feed for a long time with cat feeds the canine’s immunity becomes relatively low exposing it to all sorts of infections. This is due to low contents of vitamins in the cat’s diet.


Feeding the dogs with feeds prepared specifically for cats can be a costly deal. This is because the feeds do not meet the nutritional requirements for the dogs meaning that you will have to add other food substances to make it balanced. This is an added expenditure that you can avoid by buying or preparing the right diet for the dog. Similarly due to nutritional deficiency, your pet is likely to suffer from obesity, stomach upsets and other diseases related to diet. This makes you to visit the vet frequently which can be very expensive. Therefore, is cat food bad for dogs? Well, based on the above facts you need to avoid feeding dogs with feeds meant for the cats.

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