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best dog food for pitbulls

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January 24, 2014


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best dog food for pitbulls

A Guide To Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Best dog food for pitbulls need to nutritious, containing a well balanced diet. This type of pets needs to be well taken care of as they require a lot of energy in their activities. These pets are naturally a fierce breed and big in size. Their diet should be much richer than that of a normal dog in order to meet the energy required for its daily activities hence keeping it healthy. However, the type of diet varies depending on the age of the pet meaning that the diet for the puppies is different from that of the adult ones. Here is a guide to their distinctive diet.

Dry feeds

Dry feeds are best dog food for pitbulls. Dry feeds can be given to both puppies and adults provided they have the right ingredients to sustain these high breed pets. Dry feeds are a good choice for the puppies as they do not lead to formation of plaque on their teeth compared to wet feeds. However, caution shout be taken if the puppies are in the early stages of their lives. Dry feeds are also ideal for the adults as they can easily feed on them. The dry feeds are inexpensive and do not need sophisticated storage system. This makes them ideal especially if you have several pets from this breed. When shopping for the dry feeds ensure that they contain lamb, chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, venison, duck and bison. In this case, you can get the Innova Evo, Wellness or Artemis brands available in the pet feed stores near you.

Canned feeds

Canned feeds make the best dog food for pitbulls breed. This is because the canned feeds are carefully manufactured with the right ingredients that enhance the health of the pet. They are normally made by experts with a wide knowledge on the diet needed. In addition, you can be assured of their quality as they are normally packaged with no possibility of contamination. When you buy the canned feeds for your pet, it becomes easier for you to feed it as they are normally ready to use. You can consider getting the Wellness, Wysong, By Nature Organics or Innova Evo as they are trusted brands in the market. they are affordable and available in all seasons hence you do not have to struggle changing the diet for your pet due to lack of the brand they were used to as this can be a difficult task for you.

Semi-moist feeds

When rearing these high breed pets, it is important to provide semi-moist feeds. This type of feed is good when used once in a while as it is pure meat hence boosting the energy in your pet. It is also delicious for your pet to enjoy. However, you need to space its use as continuously feeding the pet on it is not advisable. This is because the semi-moist feeds are made of meat and water hence containing high sugar contents. Thus, when you feed the pet with it regularly it might lead to some metabolic diseases. Therefore, making a diet plan for your pet and including it once after a period of time makes it part of the best dog food for pitbulls.


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