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Steps In Building Wooden Cat Houses

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March 8, 2014


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Steps In Building Wooden Cat Houses

Steps In Building Wooden Cat Houses

Cat houses are ideal for those cats that are out door most of the times. If you identify that you cat loves being out, then you need to think of a shelter for it as it might not have access to the main house easily when need be. Making a wooden shelter is not difficult and it is cost effective as you can just need to you just need to buy a few materials. A shelter provides a safe haven for your cat when confronted by aggressive animals or harsh weather such as the rains. However, make sure you make it as comfortable as possible for your pet. Pay attention to the following steps for success.

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Construct a box

To start the process of making cat houses, construct a box with play wood. You can take the measurements of 15 inches long and 20 inch high for each of the two pieces. Then, get another two pieces each measuring 15 inches high and 22 inches long. Join the four pieces together using fine nails to make a box.

Build the floor, roof and the door

When making cat houses, pay attention to the size of the door as it determines the safety of the shelter. Hence, ensure that is wide enough for the cat while small for other bigger animals that may hurt your cat. The standard measurements are 7 ½ inches tall and 5 ½ inches wide. The roof and the floor should be equal. Thus measure out 20 inches high and 22 inches long on the ply wood and cut two pieces of this size. Fix one piece on the bottom of the box while the other on the top using the fine nails. Ensure that the nails are well secured not to hurt the cat. Then fit in the hinges on one side of the roof. This is because the door will be too small for you to be able to access the shelter for cleaning and other grooming procedures.

Fit in a mat and a carpet

Cat houses need to be comfortable enough for your pet to like it. In this case, make sure that you have a mat measuring the same as the floor of the shelter and spread it over the floor. Then get a comfortable carpet of the same size and spread it on the mat. This makes the shelter for your pet to have the same comfort as of the main house. However, always remember to change the carpet frequently to avoid parasites and dirt.

Decorate the outer part

This shelter should not be out of place in your yard. Thus, paint it using the same paint color of the outer side of your main house. However, you can add more colors in case you want to give it an artistic look. In addition, if your yard is green due to grass, you can choose to paint the shelter with green color or have an artist making some painting that matches with the landscape of your house. This gives the cat houses outstanding appearance, keeping your cat comfortable all days.





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