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Semi Moist Cat Food – Pros and Cons

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January 28, 2014


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Semi Moist Cat Food – Pros and Cons

semi moist cat food

Semi Moist Cat Food – Pros and Cons

Every cat is unique and every cat has its own character, needs, things that it likes and things that she does not like. People also have their special needs, and this statement is not different for our felines. A cat requires 41 nutrients from alimentation. The health and lifestyle of your cat depend on the type of food that it receives. This is why it is not surprising that a baby cat needs a different quantity of food compared with the quantity required by an adult one. This is why different types of food appeared. The cat food must be chosen considering the personality and lifestyle of your dog, but it must also be healthy.Semi Moist Cat Food – a relatively new concept brought on the market by the major pet stores. For baby cats, it is fully recommended, because the bone structure, hair and teeth grow 20 times in six months. However, the cat also needs solid food, as this is required to prevent the pains of teeth growing.

The Semi Moist Cat Food for kittens contains extra proteins that help the healthy development of tissues and organs, and also to an increased level of minerals. Calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron are only a few of the substances required by a growing cat. Moreover, the kittens have a smaller oral cavity, and this is why the semi moist food, which can be chewed without problems, is recommended.

Adult cat food

A mature cat would want to eat 10-15 times a day. However, this rhythm is impossible for you and for the cat. You will need the right dosage between water, proteins, fats and oils.

The food of an adult cat must offer equilibrium, no matter if we are talking about canned or mixed food. There are also different types of food: complete or complementary. If your cat likes to have snacks, try to reduce the quantity of food for the lunch.

Food for older cats

The older cats spend their time resting, and when the metabolism slows, the speed of processing food is also decreased. The older cats burn less energy, so they need fewer calories in their food. The Semi Moist Cat Food offers proteins of increased quantity, especially if you choose food made especially for this “category of age”. Such food must contain an increased quantity of light fat, some proteins, calcium and vitamins. As the cats grow old, they will lose the sense of smell and the capacity to masticate, so in those conditions, you will need to reduce the quantity of dry food offered to the cat, and to give it canned and Semi Moist Cat Food whenever this is possible.

Food for apartment cats

Yes, the pets living in an apartment need a different type of food compared with the one needed by the cats living around the house. Those are less active, and they are happy with the life they have. They don’t feel so great when they are taken out of their known habitat, and they are more pretentious to food. On long terms, different health problems might appear. The main problem of such chat is obesity.

The special diets created for such cats are based on proteins, and on a low level of fats. It is possible to find such products on the market. Moreover, they contain less digestible fibers, preventing the installment of fur balls in the stomach.

Pregnant cats

As you already know, the cats need a different type of food when they carry babies. The small ones need nutrients, and the behavior of a pregnant cat is weird. Sometimes, she does not eat at all, and others in which they eat excessively. In this case, fats are recommended, but make sure not to over react.



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      The best food is the food your cat likes. No, I am not being silly, just a realization that your cat is the deidecr, and your opinion doesn't matter. If your cat doesn't agree, it won't eat.Look for meat as the first ingredient, and meat products high in the descending order. A quality food pays off in lower vet costs. I am giving you a link to an article from the Cornell Vet school on how to evaluate cat foods.Your cat doesn't need variety; quality is the most important criteria.Oh, you notice I didn't state a particular brand. That's because what works for mine may not be liked by your cat.And any changes in the food should be done gradually, over perhaps a week to avoid tummy upsets.For litter, most people use clumping litter, and I shop the sales and use coupons, but buy brand name litter. I have quite a few cats, so multiple litter boxes, and I use several different brands. Two of the most used are Tidy Cat (red label) and Arm Hammer.

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